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FM3 Downloads

Firmware & Presets

Firmware v7.00

Aug 17, 2023 - Zip Archive
Firmware for the FM3 Original and FM3 Mark II Turbo. Includes an Update Guide and Release Notes.
IMPORTANT: Firmware 7.00 is the first version to feature new DynaCab™ speaker cab simulation technology. The firmware is now comprised of two components: a main firmware file and a separate Dyna-Cab file. To install both files, please use Fractal-Bot (standalone) version 3.00.18 or newer, OR the version of Fractal-Bot that is built into FM3-Edit version 1.06.01 or newer.

FM3 Firmware Update Guide


Factory Presets

Nov 6, 2023 - Zip archive
Factory preset banks, For FM3 firmware 7.00 or newer. Includes banks A, B, C and an ALL BANKS file. Use Fractal-Bot to install. 
NOTE: These are exactly the same as the 5.03 presets with the exception that the “Update All Presets” utility has been run on them.



FM3 Bedienungsanleitung

July 2023 - PDF File.
Version 7.x Auch verfügbar:


FM3 - Einsteigen und loslegen

Aug, 2022 - PDF File.
G66 Tutorials für blutige Anfänger


Fractal Audio Blocks Guide

Jun, 2023 - PDF File.
Diese ausführliche Anleitung behandelt die Funktionen und Parameter des Amp-Blocks und der Cab-Blöcke, die im FM3, FM9 und Axe-Fx III verwendet werden.


Fractal Audio Footswitch Functions Guide

April, 2022 - PDF File.
Dieser Leitfaden beschreibt die Funktionen, die den Fußschaltern der aktuellen Produkte von Fractal Audio zugewiesen werden können, um sie zu tippen oder zu halten.


OMG9 & OMG15 Layouts with Mini-Manual

Jun 21, 2021 - Zip Archive.
Dieses Zip-Archiv enthält sowohl die OMG9- als auch die OMG15-Layout-Dateien sowie die Dokumentation für jede Version.


Fractal-Bot Manual

Mar 22, 2018 Version 2.9 - PDF file.



FM3 Windows USB Drivers Bundle

Sep 29, 2023 -  Zip Archive,
Audio Driver: Version 5.62 and Serial Driver: Version 1.1
This zip archive contains two separate drivers required for FM3 USB operation under Windows 10/11. You must install BOTH drivers. 

Windows 7/8 require the use of driver version 1.1.


No Driver is required for Mac OS X

Connect the FM3 via USB and it will appear
in System Preferences and all audio/MIDI apps.


Fractal-Bot for Windows

Jul 27, 2023 Version 3.00.18 - .exe in a zip archive.
Requires Windows 7 or newer (64-bit only).
(32-bit version for Windows 7 or newer: Version 3.00.18)
IMPORTANT: If you get the error “MSVCP140.dll is missing” please install the MS Visual C++ Redistributable Update.


Fractal-Bot for OS X

Jul 27, 2023 Version 3.00.18 - .dmg file.
Requires OSX Version 10.7 or newer.