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EV-Series Expression/Volume Pedals

The EV Series products combine high-quality expression and analog volume into one top-quality pedal. The expression pedal jack was designed to work perfectly with all Fractal Audio Systems products—and many 3rd party devices as well. Unlike most expression pedals it has a true linear response with planetary gearing and a long, smooth "throw". Each EV pedal can also serve as an analog volume pedal, with separate IN and OUT jacks connected to an audio-taper pot. They feature a sturdy cast metal housing, comfortable non-slip rubber tread, and are available in two sizes: the full-sized EV-1 and the compact-sized EV-2.

Available in Two Sizes

The EV-1 Expression Volume Pedal is a full-sized pedal measuring 29 cm in length and weighing 1,7 kg. It is very comfortable to use and feels perfectly familiar when compared to the classic volume pedals guitar players have known for decades. Its smooth long "throw" provides the utmost in expressive control.

The EV-2 Expression Volume Pedal is a compact-sized pedal, measuring 19 cm in length and weighing only 0,85 kg. It was designed for those who want a full-featured pedal in a smaller size. Whether you want to build the ultimate fly-rig or just conserve pedalboard real estate, the EV-2 is the perfect choice when a full-sized expression or volume pedal doesn't fit the bill.

EV-1 Pedal

EV-1 DIMENSIONS: Width: 104.1mm Height: 72.4mm Depth: 292.1mm Weight: 1.678 kg - The EV-1 is larger than the EV-2.

EV-2 Pedal

EV-2 DIMENSIONS: Width: 81mm Height: 66mm Depth: 190mm Weight: 0.860 kg - The EV-2 is smaller than the EV-1.


EV-1 Expression/Volume Pedal Product Guide

PDF File—Feb 17, 2015
EV-1 Product Guide


Ultimate Expression Pedal plus Analog Volume

The EV-1 and EV-2 are perfect for use as an expression pedal with all Fractal Audio Systems products and many third-party devices. The 100K pot and planetary gearing create a truly linear response, so the position of the pedal corresponds comfortably to sound changes without the need for finnicky footwork. The long pedal "travel" gives you greater musical control over your sound, whether you're adjusting levels, mix, effect parameters, or multiple things at once. When you're not using it as an expression pedal, your EV series pedal also works as a top-quality 500K high-impedance analog volume pedal. It is perfect for use with passive pickups and designed never to cause "tone suck". No other pedals give you the same killer combination of features, quality, and value as the Fractal Audio EV Series. 

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