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Money Back


We sell our products directly all over Europe, without any retail middle-men. If you compare our prices with those in the USA and then add 19% VAT + 5% customs charge and the cost of shipping from the USA, you will find that the prices here are fairly similar. We also include a very generous three year guarantee, in contrast to the one year guarantee in the States. If the products were available through retailers, the prices would be around 30% higher, which, we assume, would not be in your best interests.


Fifteen minutes of testing in a music shop probably wouldn’t help you much anyway. Therefore, your best bet is to order a device and test it in your own home, with your own equipment, for thirty days and, if you decide that it’s not your cup of tea after all, just call us and we’ll have it picked up again. If you take a couple of days more to come to a decision, that’s okay too. As soon as the device is back with us we will refund your payment (except shipping charges) straight away.


But we have to 'warn' you: nearly every person who has ordered an Axe-Fx, FM9 or FM3 while keeping one eye on the return policy has been so positively overwhelmed that they have gladly kept hold of it and instead have ended up selling off all their old amp and effects jewels. The Axe-Fx, FM9 and FM3 really do mark a historical turning point: finally a complex computer is capable of recreating authentic tube amp feel and playing dynamics and, almost absurdly, is actually better in some ways than the high-class originals it was designed to emulate. 

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