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About G66

Nice of you to stop by. Please allow me to intro­duce myself and say a few words about G66:

My name is jacques isler und for much of my life I’ve been impor­ting musical instru­ments. It all star­ted with the Musigstübli on the fourth floor of a building in Zurich with rare gui­tars that I brought across direc­tly from the USA. Many of them would cer­tainly be worth an XXL fortune today. The next step was Islermusig, in the heart of Zurich, which within a few years became the music shop in Switzer­land. This foot in the door allo­wed me to become a succes­sful European distri­butor to Ger­many, Austria and Switzerland for the world’s best-known products, howe­ver this time as a whole­saler, i.e. I was now sel­ling exclusi­vely to retai­lers. In the 90s my port­folio con­tained around 100 of the best-known brands and I had a staff of 70 wor­kers to help me serve the music re­tail branch. It is this expe­rience and these world-wide connec­tions that G66 custo­mers pro­fit from to this day.

And because the world and especially the music retail business is always changing, in 2006 I succumbed to the temptation to get back to my roots and once again sought contact to you, the musician and end-user. This time, however, rather than sel­ling local­ly over the coun­ter it was to be Europe-wide via the Inter­net, but still with an emphasis on the per­sonal and indi­vidual touch. This is how G66 was born.

In April 2007 I paid an almost histo­rical visit to a cer­tain Cliff Chase, who back then was only known to a select few insi­ders. Cliff is one of the world’s leading specialists in digital signal processing, a proper ge­nius who will pro­bably have a whole chapter devo­ted to him in the music history books of the future and he recog­nised straight away that the service-oriented direct concept at G66 was exactly what he had plan­ned for his pro­ducts. He then made us his distri­butor for the whole of Europe and so started a very special part­nership.

Our idea of turning direct contact with our custo­mers into our busi­ness model has proven it­self time and time again and we are ext­remely happy that it works so well. We can there­fore look to the future with pleasant anticipation and hap­pily continue to offer our custo­mers exac­tly the kind of ser­vice that we would like to expe­rience our­selves: flexible, obli­ging, straightforward and always available, with a well-coor­dinated team that allows us to always know who we are communi­cating with, be it via the Inter­net, tele­phone or occasio­nally face-to-face..

jacques isler

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