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Firmware & Presets

About FC Firmware

New FC features and fixes are released through firmware for the host — Axe-Fx III, FM9 or FM3.
The FC also has its own internal firmware for basic functions, however, and this is also sometimes updated.To determine the firmware version installed in your FC unit, re-start it and watch its main display.
Installation instructions for new firmware are included in the zip files below.
IMPORTANT: FC “Original” units require different firmware update files than FC “Mark II” units. Please be sure to choose the correct file below. Accidentally installing the wrong version will not damage your FC, but you will need to install the correct version before it will function properly again.

FC-12 & FC-6 Mark II Firmware 1.13

Zip File—Dec 20, 2022 – For FC-6 and FC-12 Mark II versions.

Note: 1.13 is NOT required if you are already running firmware 1.12. It does not add any new features or fixes, nor does it alter FC performance in any way. it is backwards compatible with all FC Mark II units, but only FC units manufactured after November 2022 require this version to work correctly, and those units are shipped with 1.13 pre-installed. To determine your current firmware version, watch the FC main display while the unit boots up.


FC-12 & FC-6 (Original Version) Firmware 1.12

Zip File—June 21, 2021 – for FC-6 and FC-12 original versions.



FC-12 & FC-6 Owner's Manual

May, 2021 - PDF File.



FC-12 & FC-6 Quick Start Guide

January, 2019 - PDF File.


Fractal Audio Footswitch Functions Guide

April, 2022 - PDF File.
This guide covers the functions that can be assigned to tap or hold for the onboard footswitches of Fractal Audio's current products.


Fractal-Bot Manual

Mar 22, 2018 Version 2.9 - .pdf file.
Requires Acrobat Reader or equivalent.



Fractal-Bot for Windows

Jul 27, 2023 Version 3.00.18 - .exe in a zip archive.
Requires Windows 7 or newer (64-bit only).
(32-bit version for Windows 7 or newer: Version 3.00.18)
IMPORTANT: If you get the error “MSVCP140.dll is missing” please install the MS Visual C++ Redistributable Update.


Fractal-Bot for OS X

Jul 27, 2023 Version 3.00.18 - .dmg file.
Requires OSX Version 10.7 or newer.


Fractal-Bot Manual

Version 2.9 – Mar 22, 2018 (.pdf file)
Requires Acrobat Reader or equivalent.


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