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Hi Sussie!

My wounderful foot controller just gave up!
All the diodes glows red and nothing works.
I dont know if i can find the strengt to live anymore.
I will go on tour next i know, there is no god!

What to do?


//Eric ”Bojen” Bojfeldt


I am more in love with you than ever! I must say that this is far better support than i thought was possible in a modern world. 
We play around 150 shows a year, plus session work and recordings. 
I would have been totally stranded without your help.

A funny viewpoint.

There is before and after the introduction of the axe fx unit. I use to have all sort of amplifiers, and a REALLY good sound. Me and my friend Thomas Larsson, who is also a devoted fan and player, use to build our own amps in the 90:s. We are responsible for some 300 guitar rigs among the working players in the nordic countrys, and the states.. 
Nowadays there is you, your crew, and your fantastic product! In a sense, trying your product is pretty much like i imagine getting addicted to heroine is like. It is almost impossible to stop playing. 
What can i do in return for you? Clinics? Demo sessions? whatever, you name it! (I know we are responsible for selling quite few AXE in Sweden already!)

This is truly a happy day! I have a smile on my face!

Thank you!

Love to all!

//Eric ”Bojen” Bojfeldt

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