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Hi Sussi,

Just wanted to inform you that my Axe FX2 arrived yesterday! =) I think UPS lost the opportunity to update the tracking info from Oslo to Bergen because they forwarded the package from Oslo using the Norwegian public postal services. It just happened to be delivered the very minute I pulled up in my driveway coming home from work. Needless to say the evening was spent playing the Axe FX2 =)

I can already say that the FX2 is - by far - living up my expectations. I am utterly impressed and it will most definitely become the centerpiece of my setup. It quickly became obvious that the Axe FX2 will fulfill my every need and that it will render all my other gear obsolete. I am so convinced this that I just listed my four tube amps and cabs for sale! Having a relatively small home studio, getting the right tone from large tube amp stacks has always been a huge challenge for me. Not to mention the quickly imposed hearing fatigue (and damage) when laying down guitar tracks with a mic'ed stack that is blasting at the insane dB levels required to get the best possible tone from the speaker cab. With the FX2, I can finally capture "authentic" tube sound and cab response at low dB levels, and I can be certain that the sound I am hearing while recording is the very sound that will be captured on the tracks. AND my ears will probably live a few extra years =) The sound diversity and flexibility of the FX2 will surely inspire my creativity for years to come! I simply cannot get over how so much tone and soul is packed into a two rackunit space, and yet, I have only barely scratched the surface of what the FX2 is capable of,

I big thank you to you Sussi and to G66 for your excellent support.

Best Regards,


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