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Dear Jacques

Thank you for the delivery of the two MATRIX Q12As – they arrived yesterday. The first band rehearsal with the two “Black Pearls” problem free. Problem free? It blew me away! What a guitar sound! The rest of my band were also visibly impressed. The Q12As really are absolutely brilliant. No scratchy high-frequencies that cut your head off, no more squealing presets (like I had with the Atomics when I occasionally tried to turn their volume up past halfway) and endless power.

For the first test I turned the gain up to about half and had the output on the Axe-Fx between ten and eleven o’clock as usual. Then volume up on the guitar and “BOOM…!” Wow, unbelievable what comes out of these things. Chords are defined and decay nicely, the individual notes are clearly audible. No more mud. Simply brilliant. That’s the way it should be.

I can thoroughly recommend the combination of Axe-Fx II and Q12A. Awesome!

I’ve solved the “problem” of how to tilt the Q12As and have included a short film to show you. (A film says more than a few under-exposed pictures.) They are made of hardwood and fit in the existing tripod hole in the bottom of the Q12A.

Once again I’m really happy and as far as I’m concerned they were worth every Franc.

I wish you, your wife and all your staff a pleasant Christmas time and all the best for the coming year.

Kind regards from your home country,

Your Glad Guitarist, 
Marino Gaudini

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