Burger 300Millions of guitarists want to lose weight, but very few of them really manage to get rid of the extra ballast that Christmas inevitably adds to the midriff. However, it’s not impossible and G66, together with Fractal Audio, are happy to offer a simple but ingenious solution.

Enough is enough. Millions of guitarists, bass players, drummers and especially keyboarders and producers are hopelessly overweight!

Not only do overweight guitarists feel uncomfortable on stage, embarrassed when surrounded by groupies and self-conscious in negotiation with their managers, some fall victim to depression and start staring into space or even go on a pilgrimage. And everyone is well aware that surplus fat not only puts a strain on the body but also reduces musical creativity.

G66 has found the solution in a German Forum. 

Soultrash EN

Wage 300


By the way:
We checked with 'Soultrash' and he has indeed lost a  grand total of 16 pounds so far.




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