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Dear Sussi

Everything works haha! And here's my first impressions. Having my background in studios being a qualified studio engineer and having spent years professionally tunig tube amps my decision turn to the axe fx was quite an unsure decision since i know exactly how you turn a bad amp into a tonemonster. It's highquality parts, the right voltages at the right positions in the circuit and a vast amount of knowledge often growing from trial and complicated physics.

My very first impression was based on browsing through presets enjoying high quality effects and good amp simulations. But it felt like there gotta be more and i just felt okay with the presets. 
Then i gave it some more time by focusing more just on amp simulation cabs drive pedals, trying out some vintage replications of world famous amps. I discovered that botht the response and tweakability is exactly like it would work in a real tubedesign. It just sounds fantastic, the possibilities are limitless and the factory presets are a big understatement to what the axe fx is capable of. Being a studio and session guitarplayer this thing is the only box i carry with me from now on.

While working on with the Axe I keep discovering things everyday. Lately i updated to Firmware 6 which is in my mind a sonically superb upgrade. I didn't even think it was possible to make the Axe even sound more natural. I'll be carefull saying that the Axe FX sounds great now because i simply have to fear the next firmware upgrade then haha.

So far so good haha. I'm one happy family member. Great Product. In fact the best i've ever owned.

My best regards


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