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Dear Sussi and Jacques.

Time for some feedback on the Axe 11 plus MFC 101 received 02/05/13.

Very impressed with both units.

The Axe 11 is substantial improvement over the Ultra, which is still very good.
The sounds are more realistic and feels very convincing to play.
As before, huge choice of options which eventually are reduced to about half a dozen or so. This is fine as I find you wouldn't want, or need to use all it's capabilities.
But you always have the options.
Still stuck on a few things such as XY and quick controls etc but still learning. 
Luckily used to operating the Ultra so no major problems.
Very impressive tool and for the cost of only one top range amp.

The MFC 101 is very convenient and of course matches the Axe 11 perfectly.
Still learning it's capabilities but it seems like total control.

To demonstrate how responsive the Axe 11 is, I used this unit live quickly after I received it.
I dialled in a Shur model amp and cranked it loud.
I was able to go from a very clean tone to searing lead just from the guitar's volume pot. 
The whole patch!
Very impressed indeed. Not many amps could do this, with such a range, for real.

Many thanks for your excellent service.


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