To all the good people at G66.eu,

I hope you are well. Thank you for making the unboxing/buying experience of the Axe-Fx extra special with your enclosed letter and chocolate. That was very considerate of you, and I really appreciate it.

I felt inclined to give you some initial feedback on my recently acquired Axe-Fx II XL+. Before buying I felt confident enough that the product was high quality, and I was planning to use it simply as an Fx-prosessor in front of my Tube-amps´ preamp to replace my pedals and freeing up floor space. But I was´t prepared at all for the fact that the sound quality is nothing but spectacular when used as a complete signal-way into active speakers. 

I haven´t started looking into tweaking settings or experimenting with effects, these first three days I´ve just been admiring the tone it produces. It´s non-fatiguing, output volume is manageable in a way no tube amp can be, and it´s ridiculously touch-sensitive to play, hence works expertly when treated as a non-master volume amp as well. It´s rather hard to believe this is all coming from a digital processor. I just finished a two hour session of some Clapton, and the tone sucked me right in and kept me there. 

I only wish I knew about this product earlier, as I would have saved myself the hassle of buying and selling my tube amps and pedals. Yes, even my Two-Rock is for sale today. If I was to take the Pepsi-challenge vs a tube amp I would probably be able to tell the difference, because it seems the Axe is somehow able to cancel out some noise from my single coils. I´m privileged to play both a Gibson CC#2 Goldie and other custom shop guitars which continue to impress me with their quality and craftsmanship, but the Axe-Fx is a revolution. If I was a producer of tube amps I would be concerned. Finally after scrolling nearly half-way through the presets, I would like to applaud you for having included the AFD100 preset, which is really good AFD tone. The Fender Bassman, Deluxe reverb, JCM800 and DC-30 also nails it if my memory of these amps serve me right. 

In light of what this thing does, the price could be considered a bargain. I don´t think I have been this excited about new gear ever, so thank you for making it available to me.


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