Hello Jacques,

Thank you very much for the incredibly fast delivery and the cap that came with the T-shirt. It really made me very happy. Please excuse me for not getting back to you until now, but on the day of delivery I found out that I was going to be a father, so a few things just had to take priority at first.

First of all, I have to praise you for the incredible foresight to include a mega pack of Merci (you know how to keep women quiet ;-)).

What can I say. As an owner of Mesa Boogie, Engl and Marshall amps, all the good "modellers" of the time, Avid-Eleven Rack, Kemper and various plug-ins, I have to admit that my expectations for the AXE-FX were great, but they were vastly exceeded. I'm actually considering selling my dearly beloved Triaxis 2:90 combo from MesaBoogie and all the other stuff along with it.

The level of detail, the response, it’s as if I were playing the real amp. For me, the Triaxis has always been the holy grail as far as my tone is concerned. Over 20 years in use and it has never let me down. The AXE alone comes close to 100%. It’s only the modes of the 2:90 power amplifier that I couldn’t feel yet (Deep/Modern/half Drive) but with some time I am sure I’ll get to the same result. The possibilities in the AXE are probably given.

I won't even begin to talk about the other possibilities. It's almost unbelievable if you haven't experienced it and I'm really very fussy about sound and feel. No other modeller has ever given me this feeling.

I've been at FOH for over 20 years for many acts from small to large and have been running a small studio for over 10 years. More for nostalgic and non-profit intentions. The bands that record with me are more from the up-and-coming scene and I try to support them as much as I can and give something back to the scene here.

I bought the AXE mainly for my private pleasure, but it will make my work with the bands much easier. Anyone who has miked real boxes knows what I mean :-)

All in all, and in conclusion, many, many thanks again for the great package you have put together. Keep up the good work, that's exactly what good customer service is all about. The information that it is being checked, packed and shipped, and all that with a personal address, makes you feel a bit more important and not like just another customer.

Continued success and stay with us for a long time.

Best regards from Spessart to Flensburg, where the driving licences live ;-)

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