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Hola Rául!

Our names are Miguel González ( Maiki ) and Álvaro García ( Gurú ) from Motel Lazarus, and both of us have been using our Fractal AXEs and Matrix Amplification through and through.

Miguel González (Maiki)
I’ve been in the music business for around 25 years now. I’ve played with different bands, recorded 3 albums, toured nationwide... never before did I own a more convenient piece of equipment and from which I could get such good results both live and in the studio. I was endorsed by Bogner and Xotic, great companies with great products, but not as versatile or convenient nor with such good sound quality as both the Fractal AXE and the Matrix GT800 power amp provide..

With my current band, Motel Lazarus, I rehearse with my Standard alongside my Matrix GT800 power amp and a 2x12 FR Cab. In a live environment and for recording my Standard goes straight into the mixing console. I don’t need anything else. Its sound quality is impressive and makes life much easier for the sound guys, but above all I like it when the audience can enjoy a clean, clear, punchy sound at our concerts.

Álvaro García (Gurú)
I’ve been a musician all my life. Since the age of three, when Torrebruno gave me my first nylon-string in a circus (not joking), I have always wanted to devote myself to music.

My influences have always been very eclectic: from the atmospheric sounds of U2, to Iron Maiden, Rage Against The Machine, Queen, Deep Purple…

I started just like everyone else, figuring out by ear as much as I could from my heroes. Soon I encountered a little problem: my small size nylon-string couldn’t make me sound like them even if I really tried. That’s when I started to be interested in searching for other sounds, or rather MY sound.

Actually, as soon as I got a bit older and could save some money, I bought a Korean electric guitar and a multi-effects unit – no amp – to try and figure out those tones that I had been listening to with delays, flangers, and so on.

From then on (and I’ve been in the music business for a few years now) I’ve been able to try out and own guitars, effect pedals and amps from most companies out there. Live I even reached the point of using three amp heads into two 4x12 cabs and about 30 different effect pedals (simultaneously!) through the effects loop and with different routings. To top it all, a guitar synthesizer. Quite a drag, you know.

That’s why I went head on for an Axe-Fx as soon as I learned that such a thing existed. Not only do I save myself the effort of dragging around so much equipment, but on top of it I also get a killer sound. Now I rehearse with an AxeFx into a stereo solid state power amp to a custom 2x12 cab plus a side 1x12 to get a true stereo sound. Live, I go straight into FOH. But, this is for sure, as soon as I can I’ll get myself an Axe-Fx 2 and a Matrix GT1000 power amp (I’ve tried Maiki’s GT800 and I loved it, it fits the Axe-Fx like a glove).

Our Axe-FXs have become an indispensable tool for recording. We have used two Fractal Audio Axe-FXs, a Standard and an Ultra, in our album “Numeros”. The Standard for the most part, up to 90% of the time, and the rest with the Ultra for very particular sounds. Everything straight into the mixing console, using the factory IRs and our producer Iker Piedrafita’s genius, probably the best producer in our country now.

Recording our album “números” 
In the recording process we used the Peavey 5150 model for all the songs. The same patch, we only changed guitars to get different tone nuances. More than 10 different guitars were used in this album. For clean sounds we used an AC 30 sim and a Fender sim. And, naturally, we could get the same sound from the studio in a live environment without any complication whatsoever.

Here you can find a couple of links to our websites and to bandcamp, where our album can be listened to or purchased.



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