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Dear Jacques,

So, I’ve had the Axe II + Matrix GT 1000 + MFC-101 for about 4 weeks now and I think I’ve tested them pretty thoroughly. For me as a Franconian, a simple “It’s okay” would usually be as excited a response as you were likely to hear, but in this case I have to add something to that:

THIS THING IS JUST BRILLIANT!!!. … and it really does make me glad!

At the age of 16 I was quite happy with my equipment – I had a 50 Watt Marshall and a Les Paul.

Then came 40 years of sleepless nights! I’ve tried (nearly) everything that’s high-end in that time… (Fender, Vox, Boogie, Engl, Orange, Fuchs, Tube Thomsen, Two Rock, etc.) but I’ve never been completely satisfied. Until now, that is. Now I can sleep again :)

- Super amp sounds! Super playing feel! 
- The tone “hangs” from your fingertips just like with a good tube amp! BRAVO!
- The effects are all top drawer!
- Super presets that fire my imagination!
- The simple and clearly-arranged user interface is great, too.
- Just plug it in and off you go. Excellent!


I just wish I could have got my hands on one of these al those years ago; I would have saved a lot of money and had a lot less stress.

Thanks a million for this great gadget

Your glad 'Franke'
Holger Stamm


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