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The Award-Winning Axe-Fx III Just Got Even Better!

The new Axe-Fx III Mark II is the latest in a line of legends—the world’s most powerful all-in-one processor for guitar, bass, and other instruments. Featuring Fractal Audio's latest amp modeling technology, thousands of UltraRes™ speaker cab simulations, and industry-leading effects, the Axe-Fx III has more raw power and features than any guitar processor ever created. In comparison to the original, the Mark II features the following upgrades:

• New Turbo DSP option provides a 25% higher clock speed allowing for more complex presets.

• New IPS Display offers improved contrast and viewing angles, plus more vivid colors.

• Adjustable RGB LEDs let you set the color and brightness of the front panel logo.

• Double the preset memory = space for 1024 presets.

• Increased flash memory for future updates.

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award premiere

"Axe-Fx III has so many upgrades and additions that this review could read like a joyless laundry list. But there’s nothing joyless about the user experience—it’s crazy fun. For most PG reviews, I usually spend about an hour recording demo clips. But with the Axe-Fx III, I ended up having so much fun I barely realized four hours had passed.”
- Premier Guitar

award guitar dot com

“There’s much greater competition in the high end amp modeller market since Fractal Audio first arrived on the scene 10 years ago, but the Axe-Fx III cements its place as the market leader simply because of the sheer flexibility on offer. This is a serious – and mobile – piece of studio or live equipment capable of providing the tones for any musical project.”
- Guitar.com

award musicradar

“Other, more affordable units will probably scratch the itch for most players, but if you simply, positively have to have the best road-ready modeller in the world, then accept no substitutes…Fractal Audio has once again laid down the gauntlet for what the professional end of the modelling market should aspire to.”
- MusicRadar.com

award guitar world

“While dozens of new products touting the latest digital modeling technology caused me to finally question whether I should keep my collection [of 60+ beloved tube amps], only one product has caused me to seriously consider cashing in on my heads, combos and cabinets — the Fractal Audio Axe-FX III.”
- GuitarWorld

award mipa w
iii mk2

 Bernd Kiltz
Tipps & Tricks am Mittwoch

In seiner neuen wöchentlichen Serie zeigt dir Bernd drei seiner Lieblings-Werkspresets.
Bernd bietet übrigens einen tollen und umfassenden Online-Videokurs (auf Deutsch) zum Axe-Fx III, FM3 und FM9 an:

Hier geht's zum Kurs

 Tuesday Tone Tip with Leon Todd

Leon Todd takes an overview of the latest FM3 firmware, along with a free preset.

Download Leon's Free Preset

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Frank's Fractal Sunday

In Frank's Fractal Sunday I will showcase the fantastic Fractal Audio Factory Presets. Today I will show you the presets #221-225. At the end of the video I play an Emotional Metal song. Have fun ;-)

More Frank Steffen Mueller Videos

Fractal Friday with Cooper Carter

Cooper Carter shows you how just a few quick effects added to a great clean tone gets you a perfect atmospheric clean on your Axe-Fx III, FM9, or FM3!

More Cooper Carter Videos


Marco Fanton Custom Preset

Marco has updated his MF ODS preset - available for download free of charge.

Download Marco Fanton's Presets

The Most Powerful Axe-Fx Ever

Unprecedented Power

The original Axe-Fx upended the industry by being the first device for musicians to put a military/industrial-grade DSP into a consumer product. Leveraging the power of this DSP allowed detail and realism that no other product had previously achieved. The Axe-Fx II expanded on this concept by putting two of those same DSPs to work. Continuing the legacy of this philosophy the Axe-Fx III harnesses the power of no fewer than four separate processors.

Two 1.25 GHz, floating-point “Keystone” Digital Signal Processors (DSPs) comprise the main audio engine*. These processors are the most powerful DSPs available delivering over twice the performance of the DSPs used in our previous generation products. To feed these advanced processors we coupled 4Gb of blazing fast PC1600 DDR3 memory, hundreds of Mb of FLASH memory, a proprietary FPGA and a rich set of peripherals.

The stunning color display is controlled by a dedicated graphics processor while USB traffic and user interface tasks are handled by a 500 MHz, 16-core microcontroller providing smooth operation and robust USB performance.

*2×1.25 GHz is the speed of the optional Turbo DSP module. The standard DSP module runs at 2×1.0 GHz.

A Powerful Interface Makes the Axe-Fx III
the Most Intuitive Product Fractal Audio has Ever Created

Dynamic Color Display

Controlling all this power requires an interface to match. A large 800×480 color display features 30 times the resolution of our previous model. Custom designed to provide more brightness and contrast than “off-the-shelf” displays, this new display is optimized for readability in the most difficult conditions.

Driving the display is a dedicated graphics accelerator delivering dynamic, animated displays. Unlike the mostly static displays in other products, the displays in the Axe-Fx III feature moving knobs, meters, graphs and other dynamic content giving the user valuable visual feedback at a glance.

Sleek Front Panel

Five push-encoders plus a main encoder allow rapid data entry and parameter control. Editing is fast and easy with minimum keystrokes needed to access and edit parameters. A stack-based menu system is quick and intuitive with the most-used menus no more than a couple button pushes away.

ui knobs

Placement of the knobs below the display gives direct access to five on-screen parameters at once, plus five “push” functions at the same time. Dialing in sounds has never been faster or easier.

I/O Monitoring

A front panel LED meter bridge provides instant visual status for the inputs and outputs. The effects layout grid also features an intuitive “Meters” display which shows the input and output levels of each effect block at a glance. Additionally a dedicated Meters menu shows all analog and USB I/O levels for quick and easy troubleshooting of connection mistakes.

8 iii meter bridge




grid meters

Videos of the Week 3

AXE-FX III - FM9 TURBO - FM3 User Videos

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