Hi Jacques!

I’ve been the proud owner of an Axe-Fx II Mark 2 for six weeks now. The first time I played through the presets I have to admit that my euphoria was rather subdued, but I had to play pretty quietly, as my sons were already in bed and I didn’t want to have them standing in the doorway straight away.

Nevertheless, what I heard was still better than any other equipment I had ever owned. Like many other guitarists, I have been on quite an amp odyssey to get where I am today, but for some reason I’ve never really found the perfect one for me.

With my various tube amps – Carvin SX60, Mesa Boogie Caliber 50+, Yamaha Soldano T100C, Brunetti 059 Red (I still have that one) – I always had the problem that when my sound was good I was too loud for my colleagues, but if I turned the volume down a bit to accommodate them I was no longer happy with the sound. So, I thought I’d give modellers a try.

My Vox Tonelab ST produced pretty good sounds at acceptable volume, but somehow it all sounded a bit muffled. The same problem came up with my Fender Mustang 3. When I started playing the guitar 25 years ago I would have been happy to have such a good amp for so little money, but back then there was nothing like it available.

As your playing progresses, your expectations increase as well and soon I was on the lookout for something that could really produce my perfect sound. Now I can really say I’ve found it.

The first time I really played the Axe properly (the wife and kids were out) it was almost like a close encounter of the third kind. The sounds are so transparent, they sound airy and in combination with the effects you feel like you’re sitting ion a high-end studio. Crystal clear clean sounds, distortion sounds that sizzle, crazy synth sounds and so on and so forth…

For me it seems like an eldorado of sounds. Having spent a few hours just aimlessly going from preset to preset I had to pull myself together and finally make some sounds of my own. And surprise, surprise, after just a short while of trying I really had a sound that I had always wanted.

The best bit about it is that everything sounds 100% like a full-volume tube amp, but at acceptable volume levels. I’ll probably never make full use of all the Axe’s capabilities and one could easily argue that no-one really needs so many amps and boxes and effects.

For me it’s just important to have so many possibilities and the ability to create any sound just the way I want it. When you then consider the fact that this little black box provides an arsenal of equipment that in real life roughly equals the value of a typical family home, the “high price” of the Axe suddenly seems like a bargain.

For me the purchase has paid off 100% and I can definitely recommend it to others. I’ll soon be ordering an MFC-101 so that I can control the Axe more comfortably while playing.

To finish let me just reiterate what so many other Axe users have written: even first-time customer I feel like we have known each other for years.

All the best from Sontheim and my regards to the other G66 staff as well,
Achim Pasch

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