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Chris C


­I am stag­gered by the a­mount of sonic possi­bili­ties that the unit offers, the range of amp­lifier models/­effects/­speaker cab impulse respon­ses is massive and not one piece of emulated equip­ment is any­thing less than superb and to add up the cost of buy­ing the range of model­led equip­ment in hard­ware would be…­more money than you can shake a stick at ? Buy one.

Sell your car/­dog/­grandma/­grandad, all your old amp­lifiers that need re-­valving etc., and if you are not com­pletely and ut­terly bemused by the bril­liance of the AXE FX3, well then you did way too much head­bang­ing in the 60’s/­70’s/­80’s.I took a huge gamble in pur­chasing a new AXE FX3 unit as I was origin­ally shoot­ing for a Mesa Triple Crown rack unit for record­ing pur­poses due to the emulated speaker out­puts on the TC. However, having re­search­ed the AXE FX3 and been suitably im­press­ed by on-line re­views and You Tube videos etc., I de­cided that al­though even MORE ex­pen­sive than a Mesa TC (!!!) the AXE FX3 would offer more function­ali­ty for my home project studio… ­I was not wrong: 

The AXE FX3 is quite simply stunning, in every depart­ment: build quality/­sound quality/­ease of use/­natural “feel”, this unit excels and if I had the same choice again between the AXE FX3 and the Mesa Triple Crown, there would be no compet­ition, de­finitely AXE FX3.

G66.EU have provided ex­cellent service, I bought on-line with no dif­ficulties and the after sales service has been ex­cellent also. All in all, it is really diffi­cult to en­visage that AXE FX3 will ever be beaten and it is cer­tainly de­stined to become a “future classic” and as such should hold value well and be a sound in­vest­ment for any dis­cerning musician serious about the music they wish to create-­AXE FX3 is the best tool available cer­tainly for recording all types of electric guitars/bass guitars but can also be used as a multi-­purpose effects processor in any studio.

Chris Cuttriss UK

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