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Markus Zloebl 1


Hi Jacques

This thing really is unbelievably good. A huge step forward:

The new dimensions compared to the previous model are very convenient for me personally. Less depth is extremely advantageous for transport and constant stage use. In my perfectly fitting case, the AxeFX3 is much more compact and easier to handle than its predecessor.

The quality of the components, the countless inputs and outputs, the new interface, the larger colour display, more intuitive operation, new editor software and much more. - Simply a huge step forward in every respect.

And finally, the most important thing - the sound! The sound quality is still improving with every new firmware. The new, more powerful processors combined with Cliff's tireless and never-ending innovations, ideas and brainstorms ensure that the Axe Fx3 is and remains unrivalled. No matter how big or small the gig, the sound is always right and it always sounds equally GOOD!!!

Summary: The new AXE-FX3 is the perfect tool for me - with minimal effort and only one device I get an official and reliable live and studio sound. Haven't owned an amp since the first Axe and now it's definitely reached the point where you don't need a 'real' amp anymore. Thanks for this.

markus zlöbl


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