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Hello Jaques,
Yes, so... I'm sitting here and have to write to you. I can't help it. I could cry (and have done so).

To my great surprise, I actually managed to get the FM 3 to sound right through my two Ethos overdrive amps. Tried all the presets, at first hypersceptical (I can hear fleas coughing and.... yes, fleas coughing, whoever says otherwise has no idea), then more and more relaxed, found great clean sounds, on the other hand Bludotone is absolutely great for me. And I'm still only scratching the surface of the possibilities.

I went straight into the guitar inputs after everything else sounded more than suboptimal (FX Return etc.). Not much clipping, I can turn off the bass on the amps anyway. And then something happened that I never expected to happen in this life. For me it's a miracle. God knows I've played and tried out a lot in my life.

My best sound 25 years ago an old Blade Telecaster in a universe!!! solid state Hi-Fi amp with homemade cable, Tube Screamer TS 10, Ibanez Delay, nothing else. Pick-sensitive, nothing sounded like Hi-Fi, tight bass, great clean sounds, never sounded like solid state. Solo it sounded like a mixture of Santana and Dumble (although the term was completely foreign to me at the time). Simply divine. By the way, only with zinc-carbon batteries in the tube screamer, if they weren't in, the sound was almost gone.

And I wasn't the only one who found it divine. I have never been able to reproduce this sound since.

And today, I am still completely stunned... actually speechless and struck to the core...so I go to preset 73 (ODS HRM Hot Touch), bridge pickup and immediately, instantly get goosebumps. There it is. The sound. Without changing anything. With a light touch a David Lindley sound, with more touch Robben Ford (Talk to your daughter, Cannonball Shuffle, depending on the picking). As I said, I am completely stunned. Even if all the rest of the presets were unusable for me, I would have to keep the thing. I am shocked... Like a dream. It's certainly partly a happy interaction of the FM 3 and the rather improper use (Ethos Amp instrument input, modelling and cabs not switched off), but strangely enough it doesn't make noise like before, even without the humbuster. The overall sound is even better than it was back then. I've been noodling for 4 hours now ;)

FM3 Edit and Fractal Bot also work and now I'm blissfully going to sleep and dreaming of Alexander Dumble; who is surrounded by lots of good-looking girls. God rest his soul and yours.

A warm greeting from Kirchheimbolanden,

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