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Frank Steffen Mueller

Fractal Sunday with Frank Steffen Mueller

Frank is an outstanding guitarist with a unique style that blends modern techniques, beautiful tones, and awesome melodies. He discovered his love for the instrument at 13, and studied music at the Amsterdam School of the Arts.

Frank loves playing and composing all styles/genres of music such as Rock, Metal, Jazz, Fusion, Blues, Acoustic, Flamenco… he toured through Europe with his own Bands, played with other musicians in the USA, UK and Europe. Frank performed in different TV shows, played Demo-shows at worldwide Music Trade Shows and recorded guitars on many CD Productions. In addition to his success as a session musician, Frank is highly regarded as a guitar teacher, composer, producer, and videographer, collaborating with numerous international artists and companies.

He's currently working on a solo album and creating fantastic guitar lessons for fans and students worldwide.

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