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Many of you who are interested in the Axe-Fx will already be familiar with Peter Autschbach – his Axe-Fx videos have received over one millionviews. Yes, exactly, the guy with the yellow glasses and the wonderful guitar tones. The glasses are meanwhile passé, but the tones have become even better; thanks to Fractal Audio.

So, just who is Peter Autschbach and what does he do?

Well, first off he’s an exceptionally friendly and accommodating person. He also happens to be a fantastic guitar player.

He’s currently working with Ralf Illenberger in an acoustic guitar duo and together they recently released their ‘One Mind’ CD, which follows on from the 2012 release, ‘No Boundaries’. Our interview had to be postponed as a short solo tour of Japan was on the programme and when we did manage to meet he was up early to talk to us, despite having performed a long gig the night before. 

Sounds like he's pretty busy

Peter is also a successful author of guitar tuition books (twelve of them are available to order from his website), has been a regular columnist for ‘Akustik Gitarre’ since 1998 and has also been writing for ‘Acoustic Player’ since 2011. On top of this he holds guitar workshops all over the world and – when there’s time – is out and about performing with his second duo, Autschbach/Saygili or the band Terminal A.

A day with Peter

Seen in this context it was very nice of him to schedule a whole day for us, giving us the opportunity both to get to know him properly and film two videos. In the first he tells us about his various activities and how he discovered the Axe-Fx, while the second is dedicated to dissecting his sounds. The main emphasis here is on how he uses the Axe-Fx with the acoustic guitar, but he also has a few good tips based on his long experience in jazz and rock. 

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