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Axe-Fx User Inside

with Fran Alonso

Fran Alonso is a guitarist from Las Palmas, in the Canary Islands, also known as 'the For­tunate Islands'. His videos have regularly been featured in the Videos of the Week section on our web­site. This is no surprise, as the clips not only show­case his talents as a guitarist, but also demon­strate what great tones the Axe-Fx II can produce. We inter­viewed him to find out a bit more about him and what is it like to be a fortu­nate guitarist in the Fortu­nate Islands.  

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Axe-Fx Videos of the week 33

Axe-Fx Tutorials

Video by Cooper Carter

New to the XL? And wonde­ring how to combine your components and get them all up and run­ning? In this video Cooper Carter shows you how to combine the Axe-Fx II XL with the MFC-101 and a Mission expression pedal with toe switch.

Every step is clearly shown, from basic cable connec­tions to necessary configu­ration of the devices themselves. Cooper also discus­ses other confi­guration options and common mistakes.

Take a look and see how easy get­ting set up can be!

Guitar Interactive Magazine

with John Petrucci


The free online magazine is featuring John Petrucci and Andy Wood in this issue - watch the video interviews:

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  • HaGü created hits. Then HaGü created Xound and Xound has been busy testing: Welcome to the Future!
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  • Is set to go down in history as the version in which the amp models were no longer distinguishable from the originals.
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  • Yet another update? Yet more amps? Everything is even better again?
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  • Fractal Audio Systems announced an upgraded version of the Axe-Fx II. 
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  • Interesting comments from one of the USA’s most successful rock music producers.
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  • Unlimited freedom for sound engineers and anyone who’d like to be one: Producer CAB IRs from Fractal Audio. 
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Using the Axe-Fx

with Cooper Carter

6-HOUR Axe-Fx II class

The Fractal Audio Axe-Fx gives guitar players an incredible range of capabilities, but the sheer number of options can be overwhelming. In this course Cooper Carter is sharing his road-tested tips for getting the most out of the Axe-Fx preamp/effects processor.

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  • Neal Schon
  • Hershel Yatovitz
  • Casey Hooper
  • Chris Letchford
  • Richard Chycki
  • Pete Thorn
  • Paul Waggoner

Journey, Santana, Solo Artist

"I've tried every modelling unit available on this planet and the Fractal is by far miles ahead in every area. It's also proven to be flawlessly dependable in the studio and live performances. So no matter who tries to get what out of me.... you're not getting my Fractal..."

Neal's Website

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artist hershel yatovitz.567797d1ce7b92673a02c66a9be9caf75Chris Isaak Band, Solo Artist

“Fractal Audio has matched and even beaten the old school effects, tubes, speakers and microphones approach with digital technology. Not only have they created a device which captures the nuance, mojo and fidelity of the real thing, but it's like having hundreds of real things, stock and custom, in two rack spaces. It is soulful, rich and alive. To me the Axe-Fx II is the new real thing.”

Hershel's Website

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artist casey hooper.567797d1ce7b92673a02c66a9be9caf75Katy Perry

"With the Axe-Fx, I don't ever have to say 'no'. We can select whatever gear we want to use on-stage with Katy, but we have to be able to achieve the sounds she and the musical director are looking for.  The Axe-Fx II met our needs for the show and sounds incredible."

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artist chris letchford.567797d1ce7b92673a02c66a9be9caf75Scale The Summit

“The Axe-Fx II allows you to bring any sound out there in any genre to your studio or live environment.  Anyone who tells me they can't get a good sound out of the Axe-Fx just simply hasn't tried.”

Chris' Website

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artist richard chycki.567797d1ce7b92673a02c66a9be9caf75Mixer, Engineer (Rush, Dream Theater, Aerosmith, Def Leppard)

“The Axe-fx II is a powerful processor offering an innovative way to capture and create guitar tones that are instantly recallable at any time.  Using the Axe-Fx II is truly an inspirational experience.”

Richard's Website

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artist pete thornChris Cornell, Melissa Etheridge

"The Axe-Fx is just an amazing tool in your arsenal and it's getting more and more amazing all the time. It's fantastic. I can basically get the sound of my studio now -- both with the impulse response capture and the tone match feature -- ...and take it with me!”

Pete's Website

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artist paul waggonerBetween the Buried and Me

“For years we accumulated a multitude of amps and Fx with hopes of achieving the perfect tone. The end result was just a muddy, convoluted mess. Now, in one rack unit, the Axe-FX delivers the highest quality tones and effects while maintaining the authentic 'feel' of a tube amp. and is quickly becoming the standard for even the most dogmatic of tone junkies.”

Between the Buried and Me Website

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Seen on the Forum

Backstage pics and story by Jon Symons

Hi everybody! Yesterday was a great day! Metallica headlined the dutch Pinkpop festival and I was there. A while ago I got in touch with Chad, James Hetfield's guitar tech through the Fractal Audio forums. Both him and Justin really liked the tonematches and patches I made and the effort I put in them. They are also really thankfull to Fractal Audio for delivering amazing products and service so this was also a way for them to give something back to this community. Being a huge Metallica and Fractal Audio fan I also don't mind spreading the love for those 2 entities! So I will try to keep this story brief and fun!

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Featured Album


Firmware History

  • FIRMWARE 15 >

    Is set to go down in history as the version in which the amp models were no longer distinguishable from the originals. Read More
  • Firmware 14 >

    Yet another update? Yet more amps? Everything is even better again? Read More
  • Firmware 13 >

    23.2.14: Exactly three months ago we presented Firmware 12. Today we are taking a look at what Firmware 13 can do for us. Read More
  • Firmware 12 >

    23.11.13: It’s just over two months since Firmware 11 landed and Number 12 is here already. Let’s see what Cliff’s been working on this time. Read More
  • Firmware 11 >

    10.9.13: Firmware 11 is marked by the simultaneous release of the long-awaited Axe-Edit 3.0 for PC & Mac. Read More
  • Firmware 10 >

     6.4.13: Firmware 10 has just been sent down from heaven. It's the biggest and most wonderful change ever. Read More
  • Firmware 9 >

    6.12.12:  Firmware 9 has just been sent down from heaven. It's the biggest change you've ever 'scene'. Read More
  • Firmware 7 >

    8.8.12:  Number 7 concentrates on the preamp and poweramp stages and some fantastic new amp models. Read More
  • Firmware 6 >

    24.4.12: In the film Jurassic Park scientists recreated dinosaurs from some samples of ancient DNA. Read More
  • Firmware 5 >

    28.1.12: The newest firmware version is all about dynamics and playing feel. A fantastic update. Read More
  • Firmware 4 >

    29.12.11:  Fractal Audio's Mastermind has once again spent his Christmas doing what he loves best - making happy Axe-Fx users even happier. Read More
  • Firmware 3 >

    15.11.11: Cliff Chase just can’t help himself and keeps on improving the World’s best guitar processor. Read More
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