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Axe-Fx User Videos of the week 8

COOPER CARTER: Recording Four Cabs at Once with the Axe-Fx II

Featured Axe-Fx Sound Clip

Firmware 17

Released for the Axe-Fx II/XL, Dec, 2014


Firmware 17

In the year 1796 a still very young Carl Friedrich Gauss pro­vi­ded mathema­tical proof that a re­gu­lar hept­adeca­gon could be const­ructed with only the help of com­passes and an unmar­ked straight­edge. The aca­demic world was very impres­sed indeed, but since then there has not been a great deal of acti­vity concer­ning the number 17, apart from a few light­weight German pop songs. Up to now, that is, be­cause at the end of 2014 Cliff Chase has suc­ceeded in pul­ling off another feature. He has, without the aid of com­passes or straight­edge, pro­ved that it is pos­sible to imp­rove the world’s best guitar proces­sor yet again.

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The Final Link in the Chain

Dec, 2014


Perfection from start to finish

Firmware version 17 has just integrated micro­phone preamp simula­tions into our favourite tool. Now, at this point you might be for­given for asking your­self just what that is all about and what it has to do with you – well, let’s find out. Ever since the appea­rance of the first Axe-Fx it has been pos­sib­le for guita­rists to deter­mine our signal chains comple­tely indepen­dently. Whether it’s direct­ly from the gui­tar into the amp sim and from there into a power amp and a real ca­binet, or kee­ping it to­tal­ly digi­tal; every­thing we nee­ded was there.

And now Fractal Audio has ad­ded some more to this every­thing.

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Where there is light, there is sometimes even more light!


Unbelievably good

Firmware Version 16.03 the reverb algorithm has been thoroughly rewor­ked – in fact so thoroughly and simul­taneous­ly so bril­liantly that we are devo­ting a whole article to it. Now, nobody ever said that the exis­ting reverb algorithm wasn’t already very good. Indeed, it belon­ged to the very best the market had to offer and was up there with any other dedica­ted guitar effects proces­sor you could care to mention. And this tried and tested re­verb remains as the ‘Normal Mode’ in the new Re­verb block. But where there is light, there is some­times even more light and this is exact­ly the case here, as the new Re­verb can now also ope­rate in a ‘High Defini­tion’ mode. This does use a little more CPU, but the re­sults are well worth it. 

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Axe-Fx User Inside


Francis Stringbender

Francis Stringbender, from Swit­zer­land, is a passio­nate guitarist. He likes variety and has there­fore made him­self at home in many dif­ferent music styles: rock, blues, metal, funk, pop and fusion. He also plays the drums and bass. This of course makes him an ideal par­tner for all types of produc­tion, whether live or in the stu­dio. He has been an Axe-Fx user for many years now, hand­les sup­port for G66 in Switzer­land and is the man to go to for those in Switzer­land who want to try out Frac­tal Audio or Matrix pro­ducts.

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Firmware 16

Released for the Axe-Fx II/XL, Oct, 2014


Firmware 16

First off, we'd like to apologise for the late appearance of this article. There is, however, a simple explanation: Every time the author turned on the Axe-Fx to explore a new aspect of the latest firmware he disappeared into a world of his own. He would return to reality several hours later with a happy smile on his face, only to discover that he hadn't written a single word.

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Setting up the Axe-Fx II XL, MFC-101 MK III, and Mission SP-1

Video by Cooper Carter

Cooper Carter gets connected

New to the XL? And wonde­ring how to combine your components and get them all up and run­ning? In this video Cooper Carter shows you how to combine the Axe-Fx II XL with the MFC-101 and a Mission expression pedal with toe switch.

Every step is clearly shown, from basic cable connec­tions to necessary configu­ration of the devices themselves. Cooper also discus­ses other confi­guration options and common mistakes.

Take a look and see how easy get­ting set up can be!

FX8 Multi-Effects Pedalboard

Plaistow US, Oct 3, 2014


Fractal Audio announ­ces the FX8 Multi-Effects Pedal­board

The FX8 is a new “multi-effects pedal­board” designed to deliver Fractal’s signa­ture “quality without compro­mise” in an effects-only floor unit.  FX8 runs up to eight simul­taneous effects using the state-of-the-art al­gorithms made fa­mous in the Axe-Fx II line of pro­ces­sors. It features a rug­ged steel chas­sis with air­craft alu­minum end-panels, con­venient top hand­le, eleven quiet, du­rable solid state foot­switches with no mechani­cal con­tacts to fail, 27 LEDs in three colors, five knobs be­neath a bright dis­play, Humbus­ter™ outputs to eli­mina­te hum due to ground loops (when used with Hum­buster™ cables) dual TRS relays for amp swit­ching, two switch/expres­sion pedal jacks, USB, MIDI and more. The unit is desig­ned for unity gain and of­fers true bypass. Above all, it fea­tures an extre­mely high quality signal path to deli­ver ultra-low noise and pris­tine sound quali­ty. In other words, “no tone suck!”

Sign up This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for the FX8 waitlist.

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U2 at the Apple Event

"A big moment in music history"

EdgeU2 Release 'Songs of Innocence'

We are very happy to have found a special "Thank You to Fractal Audio Systems" in the liner notes of 'Songs of Innocence', the new album by U2. We'd like to return the thank you: We are honored to have the Axe-Fx be among the many pieces of equipment—past present and future—that the Edge has selected to become part of U2 rock 'n roll history" (in case you missed Apple's keynote celebration last night, iTunes subscribers can download the album for free through iTunes).

Guitar Interactive Magazine

with John Petrucci

John Petrucci & Andy Wood

The free online magazine is featuring John Petrucci and Andy Wood in this issue - watch the video interviews:

Read the Magazine


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Using the Axe-Fx

with Cooper Carter


6-HOUR Axe-Fx II class

The Frac­tal Audio Axe-Fx gives guitar pla­yers an incre­dible range of capa­bili­ties, but the sheer number of op­tions can be over­whel­ming. In this course Coo­per Car­ter is sharing his road-tested tips for get­ting the most out of the Axe-Fx preamp/ef­fects pro­ces­sor.

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Seen on the Forum

Backstage pics and story by Jon Symons



Hi everybody! Yesterday was a great day! Metallica head­lined the dutch Pink­pop festival and I was there. A while ago I got in touch with Chad, James Hetfield's guitar tech through the Fractal Audio forums. Both him and Justin really liked the tone­matches and patches I made and the effort I put in them. They are also really thank­full to Fractal Audio for deli­vering amazing products and service so this was also a way for them to give some­thing back to this commu­nity. Being a huge Metallica and Fractal Audio fan I also don't mind spreading the love for those 2 entities! So I will try to keep this story brief and fun!

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  • HaGü created hits. Then HaGü created Xound and Xound has been busy testing: Welcome to the Future!
    Read More
  • Is set to go down in history as the version in which the amp models were no longer distinguishable from the originals.
    Read More
  • Yet another update? Yet more amps? Everything is even better again?
    Read More
  • Fractal Audio Systems announced an upgraded version of the Axe-Fx II. 
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  • Interesting comments from one of the USA’s most successful rock music producers.
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  • Unlimited freedom for sound engineers and anyone who’d like to be one: Producer CAB IRs from Fractal Audio. 
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Featured Axe-Fx Album

NILS CONRAD, Crystal Palace:
"It was great fun recor­ding with the AXE2. Every time I went to the studio I thought: “Hmm, let’s see – which  amp should I try out today?” There was nothing to mic up, no sound check in front of an amp at full tilt. I gene­rally used two or three dif­ferent amps for each song and there are five on the title track. For sounds with ef­fects I sent out a dual signal, wet and dry. The Axe deli­vers first-class signals. And be­cause it feels so much like a real amp you forget comple­tely that it’s digital. That’s why I don’t use any­thing else live any more. I went on tour this year and it was simply bril­liant! No stress, no prob­lems. Just turn it on and your sound is there – night after night. At the sound checks the audio engi­neers say: “I’ve never had this with guita­rists before. I don’t need to adjust your sound at all – ever­ything on the desk is li­near.”

Firmware History

  • FIRMWARE 17 >

    In 1796 Carl Fried­rich Gauss us­ed al­geb­ra to prove 17 points. Read More
  • FIRMWARE 16 >

    We'd like to apolo­gise for the late appear­ance of this article. There is, howe­ver, a simple expla­nation. Read More
  • FIRMWARE 15 >

    Is set to go down in history as the version in which the amp models were no longer distinguishable from the originals. Read More
  • Firmware 14 >

    Yet another update? Yet more amps? Everything is even better again? Read More
  • Firmware 13 >

    23.2.14: Exactly three months ago we presented Firmware 12. Today we are taking a look at what Firmware 13 can do for us. Read More
  • Firmware 12 >

    23.11.13: It’s just over two months since Firmware 11 landed and Number 12 is here already. Let’s see what Cliff’s been working on this time. Read More
  • Firmware 11 >

    10.9.13: Firmware 11 is marked by the simultaneous release of the long-awaited Axe-Edit 3.0 for PC & Mac. Read More
  • Firmware 10 >

     6.4.13: Firmware 10 has just been sent down from heaven. It's the biggest and most wonderful change ever. Read More
  • Firmware 9 >

    6.12.12:  Firmware 9 has just been sent down from heaven. It's the biggest change you've ever 'scene'. Read More
  • Firmware 7 >

    8.8.12:  Number 7 concentrates on the preamp and poweramp stages and some fantastic new amp models. Read More
  • Firmware 6 >

    24.4.12: In the film Jurassic Park scientists recreated dinosaurs from some samples of ancient DNA. Read More
  • Firmware 5 >

    28.1.12: The newest firmware version is all about dynamics and playing feel. A fantastic update. Read More
  • Firmware 4 >

    29.12.11:  Fractal Audio's Mastermind has once again spent his Christmas doing what he loves best - making happy Axe-Fx users even happier. Read More
  • Firmware 3 >

    15.11.11: Cliff Chase just can’t help himself and keeps on improving the World’s best guitar processor. Read More
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Firmware 15 Highlights


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